Our history


Paul K. HALSTEAD founds PKHA an international retail and food service consulting firm in Larchmont, New York.




Assistance to the opening of the first 2.000 square meters self service supermarket Eklöh in Cologne, Germany.


Assistance to the opening of the first self service supermarket DELHAIZE, Place Flagey, Brussels, Belgium.

Customer discover the shopping cart concept.

Assistance to the opening of the first 800 square meters supermarket GRAND BAZAR at Luchtbal, Belgium.

The GB company will be founded two years later, creating the first belgian hypermarket.



PKHA is now assisting many of its supermarket clients with their initial expansion into the food services. Today some of these restaurant chains have become leaders in their own country.

They have very often successfully expanded to become internationaly recognized.


Beginning of PKHA's European expansion.


A key turn for the food distribution in Europe. PKHA initiates the opening of the two very first GB QUICK fast food restaurant in Waterloo and Schoten, Belgium.


At this time, more than 500 supermarkets and restaurants have been created worlwide for pkha clients.

Paul K. Halstead retires. PK Halstead associates is purchased by the founder's son Roy Halstead. D. Verhelst is assigned general manager.

This new operational partnership will create a new work method of continuous improvement of existing operations. This work method is still operating today. It has been named RDT (Research, Developement, Training).



Never seen before ! Pkha implements the first full self standing bakery in a hypermarket.


Pkha starts introducing the fresh food strategy

"tasty, fresh, healthy"

"in depth product research"

"transparent front production'

The "perishable market place" within the supermarket where great food is sold at fairer prices.



The "flexible building concept" is introduced to all active clients.


First development of self-made prepared foods in supermarkets and hypermarkets.


Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Food product research progresses in depth on biodiversity.

Introduction of organic grocery product own brand.

First 100% organic bread production in a hypermarket bakery.



Not happy with its "unhealthy" office facility downtown Brussels, pkha decides to create an example of organic flexible office solution.

The building is inaugurated in December 1995 in the green suburban area.


The consultant team, highly trained in the pkha strategy, purchases the company in a friendly management buy out.

Till today, this new partnership is fully supported by the earlier generations who continue to participate in the advisory board.



Second development phase of self-made prepared foods in supermarkets and hypermarkets based on Tasty - Fresh - Healthy - Social and evironmental respect.

The design concepts are evolving taking into account sustainable issues

RDT work developement is continuously being improved maintaining the "hands on product" method.




Trends towards more compact operations, self standing takeout operations, mini bake shops, bar outlets, chocolate production in hypermarkets



The eastern expansion.

Additional challenges : Mastering investment and running cost for sake of operational efficiency is no longer enough. One must now constantly take into account concern for ethics and high quality environment



Sourcing quality supplier is becoming a top priority

Customers are more and more concerned by the origin of what they are consuming... they want local products



Faster and faster customers don't want to loose time the trend is smaller right by my door outlets.

Ready to go - moving food - convenient food - snacking - finger and street food is on demand





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