New concept development

Permanent evolution follow up

Current business optimisation


Strategy and vision implementation

Strategy building

Trend and vision definition

Tour and visits

Market trends follow up

New location analyse

Visit organisation


Location surveys

Site appraisals

Customer profile definition

Human resources


Team building

Recrutment methods

Job description

Evaluation method

Training / coaching (hands on)

Incentive programs

Product development

Product specification


Buying procedure

Quality control

Ordering procedure

Good receiving

Recipes development

Work process and workflow

Work organisation

Procedures and support to guarantee the customer the best product at the best price

Waste management

Sales method

Assortment definition

Dynamic pricing policy

Adapted sales method

Customer experience / service

Product display


Customer communication

Department / counter organisation


Result management

Feasibility study

Preliminary profit and loss statement

Sales and cost structure

Sales development and follow up

Operating support

Design & technical solutions

Design strategy definition

Corporate identity

Site appraisal and site survey


Architectural designs

Technical specifications

Landscape designs

Interior designs

Graphic designs

Equipment specifications and designs

Project review

Project management

Investment follow up

Designers training

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